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Certain schemes employers use to deprive employees out of proper compensation include:

  • Placing an individual on Salary even though they should be properly paid overtime
  • Failure to pay time and a half for overtime
  • Making an employee sign out and work off the clock
  • Paying an employee less than minimum wage
  • Telling the employee that they work they do pre-shift or post-shift is not compensable
  • Failure to factor in differential pay into the overtime calculus

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The JTB Law Group is an aggressive, methodical law firm headed by Jason T. Brown, a former Legal Advisor and Special Agent with the FBI. Mr. Brown is a trial attorney with millions of dollars of recoveries for his clients. Passionate and personable, The JTB Law Group works 24/7 and will field your questions or concerns after hours or weekends when it’s most convenient for you.

Our lawyers have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of individuals who were shorted pay by their employer.The call is free and confidential and we can educate you about your employment rights.

We are dedicated to fighting for your rights, from labor and employment disputes, to consumer protection to tackling the large pharmaceutical companies who sometimes put dangerous, unsafe drugs into the stream of commerce while hiding the ball about the true risks and side effects. The JTB Law Group routinely litigates against the top defense law firms in the country ….and wins.

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